Omg! Thoughts Become Things!

Omg! Thoughts Become Things!

The Blue Bear Family on the Law of Thinking

Grace B. Simmons Ph.D.


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If things are not going The way you want them to go Change the seeds that you plant Change the thoughts that you sow. Unfortunately both the young and old are not aware that they have been given power through their thoughts by the Creator that allows them to have anything, be anything, or create anything they want. Th e truth is that the real power lies within our thoughts, and we have complete control over them. In a lyrical collection tailored for younger minds, Grace Simmons, PhD offers simple poems that teach how to unlock the infinite potential within by transforming the thought process to feed the imagination, produce a new sensation, or create an ideal life. Throughout her poetry, Dr. Simmons reminds youth that the mind is like a garden and our thoughts are like seeds that can either bring us flowers or weeds. Think and Create Your Future shares poetic insight to teach youth how to use the power of thought to manifest their desires.


Grace B. Simmons Ph.D.:
Grace B. Simmons, PhD is a retired educator with forty-two years of experience as a teacher, dropout prevention coordinator, and school counselor. She is a former national sales director and Christian education district director who holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, a master’s degree in school counseling, and a doctorate in Christian counseling. Dr. Simmons is a Certified DreamBuilder Consultant, a pastor’s wife, mother, and grandmother.