Whimsical Worldly Wonders

Whimsical Worldly Wonders

Deborah J. Tynes


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From the author of Whimsical Worldly Wonders comes an anthology of poems that provide lyrical rhythm and rhyme and evokes the imagination of wonders of childhood memories. It brings together a collection a child's interaction with the natural world, spent running across an open meadow, days fishing in the creek, and seeing a menagerie of colors dancing playfully! It provides an oasis to find tranquility in our rapidly changing world.The book is meant to unleash the endless imagination and creativity that is developed during early childhood. It seeks to help build a foundation for phonemic awareness, rhyme, and phonetics, the precursors to developing strong readers. It provides an invitation for readers to make inferences to make meaning of the author's intended message by creating strong images through words to encourage the reader's curiosity.